Asuán o Aswan (en árabe أسوان) es la ciudad más al sur de Egipto, vean sus fotos

9 comentarios to “Asuán o Aswan (en árabe أسوان) es la ciudad más al sur de Egipto, vean sus fotos”

  1. Nubia Says:

    if you share my original it’s OK for me THANK YOU

    • danrobinhood Says:

      your original, is ti now on my blog or not?

      • Nubia Says:

        yes but please delete the pirated work from slideshare too – and if you offer it for download on your blog offer my original and not the pirated one thank you

      • danrobinhood Says:

        Well, that’ll do but the record has been for your time to write much comment and it does not cost me anything because even though you’ve had a problem of piracy in your mind I am not guilty of these pirated copies.
        For later, when you already have or you had insurance all, look who possess copyright licenses.

      • Nubia Says:

        i see you did not remove my PPS from slideshare – so this is simple : you remove my pirated PPS from slideshare, or i will complain to slideshare and they will remove it – i have full rights on this PPS and you do not have the right to publish it on slideshare under a licence “all rights reserved” as if you created it

      • danrobinhood Says:

        Obviously as I said no problem I supposed to do what you ask. As I see in your original work have established that is copyrighted, but not specific to Copyright or Creative Commons license, because though you mention that you should not change and that is illegal, such advice should add the symbol of real lincencia have in a powerpoint presentation, so there would be no confusion and no one could defend this case of missing that is specific license.

  2. Nubia Says:

    if you donot remove this piracy i will send a complain for violation to wordpress – regards

    • danrobinhood Says:

      For starters you have Creative Commons have important characteristics in common. Every license helps creators-we call them licensors if they use our tools, you keep your copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work, at least non-commercially.
      The license says I’m not violation any law if I share it in the same way you’ve done on your blog, or from the website for free It is said … So I recognize that you are the author and get the page where I got it with that I’m not violation any copyright.

      • Nubia Says:

        dear you do not share it the same way ! because my work have been CHANGED – half of my photos have been removed, mu mail adress, blog adress, copyright mention on the photos have been removed – and my password removed also – so this is absolutely NOT the same way i created it – so please remove this piracy – if you wish to share my PPS share MLY ORIGINAL on your blog you can download it here :

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